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The Hill

Located in the rolling landscape of the Wekiwa Hills Montgomery Hill at P Bar S Ranch holds multiple different wedding venues for all sorts of styles and personalities. Montgomery Hill has two venues. The sunset venue is surrounded by cattle, the ranch, tiny town and the magical sunset making it the perfect western wedding venue. The river venue is featured with a beautiful waterfall, a rolling stream and rock outcrops providing the perfect fairy scenery. Host your wedding, your outdoor party, or even get eloped on the hill.

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tiny town

Inside the 10,000 square foot event barn, something similar to a Hollywood movie set awaits you. Tiny Town was built to mimic the feel of an old western town. Host your parties, rehearsal dinners, and receptions and go back in town to the days of the Old West. Equipped a full sound system, a live band stage, and stunning “star” Christmas lights, no detail has been left out. So come take a drink at the Long Branch Saloon, get the “party pics” of a lifetime, and dance the night away at our one-of-a-kind rodeo, Tiny Town.